Affordable - Self Pay -Primary Care
Affordable - Self Pay -Primary Care
Call 614 599 4192 - Talk Direct to Doctor Joseph - Primary Care Physician - 5178 Blazer Parkway, Dublin Ohio

Chronic Condition Management

We care for many chronic conditions including:

• Diabetes
• Thyroid disorders

• Allergies & eczema
• Depression & anxiety

• High blood pressure
• High cholesterol
• Asthma & COPD

Injuries/Sick Care

We treat most acute conditions such as:

• Colds

• Flu

• Ear infections

• Gastroenteritis
• Rashes & skin abscess
• UTI & yeast infections



Our primary goal is to keep you healthy. Our wellness services include: 

• Smoking cessation
• Health maintenance visits

• Travel consultation
• Screening tests
• Work physicals

• Wellness & prevention planning


Back To What Seeing Your Local Doc Used To Be

Websites Where You Can Read More About Direct Primary Care

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Welcome to Be Well Direct Care, conveniently located at 5178 Paul Blazer Parkway near Tuttle Mall within 20 minutes access to most who reside in Columbus western suburbs.

We Believe Your Primary Healthcare Experience Should Be Accessible, Affordable and, Above All Compassionate. We deliver an experience of FREEDOM through a Direct Primary Care Model that  focuses on the patient and not cost inflating third party bureaucracies.

FREEDOM From Not Being Able To Reach Your Doctor.  Dr. Joseph is directly accessible via phone or our patient portal between visits, avoiding costly urgent care/emergency room visits for routine illness. If a visit is needed we try to accommodate same/next day scheduling.  Of course, for emergencies always call 911. 

FREEDOM From Time Wasted In The Waiting Room. We  Don't Schedule Back To Back Appointments.

FREEDOM From Assembly Line Patient Care. Our Appointments are Typically 1/2 hr. To Ensure Deep Understanding of Your Healthcare Needs.

FREEDOM From Charges For Every Office Visit. Visit As Often As Needed for A $59 Membership. We Forego Cost Inflating - Time Consuming Insurance Processing To Maximize A Focused Quality Experience With Dr. Joseph. We’re Partnered with Sedera Health to Offer Major Medical Cost Sharing Plans Starting at $99/month.

FREEDOM From Unexpected Out Of Pocket Expenses. We Share A Standard Cost List for Labs & Diagnostic And Advocate On Your Behalf, Not A Corporations,  For The Lowest Cost Options Including Prescriptions.  

FREEDOM From Being 1 of 1000s of Patients Your Dr. Sees. Our Minimized Patient Panel = A More Focused Healthcare Journey For You.


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Dr. Chryshantha Joseph M.D. 

I grew up in Sri Lanka. As a small child in a school founded by American missionaries , our class read about Florence Nightengale. I imagined myself carrying a candle and healing those in need. The blessings of life have enabled me to earn a medical degree and become trained and board certified in Internal Medicine in the United States. I've practiced medicine for over 25 years including 13 years serving as physician at the Veterans Administration. My dream had been realized :)   

After the VA, I transferred to private medicine for a number of years. Caring for patients has always been deeply rewarding, however I have become increasingly frustrated with the amount of time and energy I have spent dealing with insurance hassles as it has become harder and harder for my patients to get the care that they need.

I see a Direct Primary Care Practice as a way to return to the roots of Primary Care. I want to have a Doctor-Patient relationship where patients know that I am working for them, not their insurance company. I want to be able to give patients the time that they need without making someone else wait. I want to be able to use technology to treat patients at their convenience rather than them being forced  into an office for visits because that is the only way I am able to get paid by a third party.