Primary Care - Telemedicine Access
Primary Care - Telemedicine Access
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New Patients

Click The Button Below Or Call 614-599-4192 To Apply For Membership and We'll Schedule Your First Visit!


You're in great hands

We make sure all our new patients feel welcome, safe, and taken care of. During your first visit we'll take approx. 1 hr to review the advantages of our accessible and cost efficient practice model, review your medical history, conduct a physical, and treat any immediate needs.  

Membership to our practice is only $59/month with a $59 one time registration fee. 

Employers: Membership is a great benefit to purchase for your employees. Businesses that incorporate a Direct Primary Care practice into their self-funded plans can realize a 20% reduction in healthcare costs on average as a result of the high accessibility and preventive focus of a DPC practice.


WE ARE NOT INSURANCE! See info below this form regarding recommendations for Catastrophic Coverage and Medicare


What about insurance or catastrophic coverage?

Direct Primary Care is NOT insurance. We encourage all of our members to find either an insurance plan or a health sharing plan to help cover the costs of major medical catastrophic illness or injury. We are partnered with Sedera Health to offer major medical cost sharing plans starting at $99/month. Hospital bills that come from an accident or from a serious disease are simply too big to cover on your own and the medical assistance that you will need to deal with these types of situations are more than Be Well Primary Care is built to provide.

Members of Be Well Direct Care can routinely use their insurance or medical cost sharing program for medical procedures and specialist visits that happen outside of the Be Well Direct Care practice, as well as prescription medications and supplies. While we will see a patient with any insurance or no insurance, there are two type of plans that work particularly well with Direct Primary Care. Many of our patients carry some traditional form of insurance with a high deductible. With these high deductible plans, patient's premium savings are often much more than the cost of membership and their insurance is there to cover the cost of large incidents. Another option that is increasingly nationally are health-sharing plans. These type of plans are recognized under the Affordable Care Act and allow participants to avoid any penalties for non-insurance. They are more lightly regulated so it is essential that any plan be carefully considered. Generally, these health-sharing plans offer more financial support (have fairly low amounts before cost are shared) which they achieve by having significantly lower overhead and in many cases somewhat less comprehensive coverage.



We are not taking Medicare and Medicaid individuals at this time as Members .